Friday, 18 May 2012

Religions & Races

I think, the title could be very sensitive but I am not offending any religion or races.
I probably offend some people with shallow mind.

Again: Think about it!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Accident again!

I am actually considered as a newbie in driving.
The main reason for me to buy a Honda car is to ensure that if i involved in any car accident, the protection/safety is better than using kancil/kelisa or anything of that kind. However, I did not meant this car to bump with everything.

Today, i just bumped a 4x4 car at TTDI junction. I was so worried but thanks God! The driver did not even realized that something hit his car. Well, he got a tough car somehow. But this is the first time I hit someone.. for the previous 4 times, other ppl hit me.

Lately I feel that Malaysian drivers are getting worst. Everyday, on my way from Kajang to Du, there must be at least one ambulance. Means, there is a car accident.
I can't comment further.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Hey LEN!! You don't remember who you are?

I am getting to PROBABLY half of my life span. All this while, I might be pretending. Maybe?Maybe not! But now, I don't think I should hide anything. People will not love me more or less even if I tell the truth because nobody care INDEED.

Maybe.. I am getting to the different phase of hormone I guess. hahaha....

Today, what I wanted to write is about my real life. What I mean by real is REAL! No kidding. :p

I remember.. when I was in university, I never really think/feel that I am poor. I always have something to eat. Eg; just bread for whole week, noodles for the whole month..or anything cheap. Thanks to my brother for always giving me money for food.

I might say.. this food is sucks but back then, it was referring to : too salty, too sweet or too oily. Nothing further than that.

Now, everything has changed. I started to complaint about less cheese, not enough spices.. and bla bla bla..but thanks God! I quickly realized that I have strayed too far..Its not that I am not enjoying my life but I should not complaint too much. I shall be grateful for what I have.. there are millions people out here died starving.

Before this, I have no idea what is DELICIOUS. For me, all the foods are delicious. Now that I can afford a better choices, I started to say ' this is not nice, that is not tasty, those are craps..and bla bla bla bla'.

Hey LEN!! You don't remember who you are?

OK. Behave!

Moral of the post : Do not complaint too much because that might lead you to be UNGRATEFUL

Monday, 7 May 2012

OMG!!! My big brother is getting married!!!

Praise the Lord. My big brother is getting married!
He was born in 1972 but now only he is getting married.

If people are talking about sacrifice, for me my brother is the person who sacrificed a lot in his life.
You know why? I have 10 siblings. My parent is not well educated due to lack of accommodation. Last time, our village was too backdated. No school, no electricity no waters supply and everything. Hence, we did really crawl very hard to get out from that situation.

My eldest sister got scholarship, but my eldest brother did not manage to get.
So, my 2nd brother needs to study really and work really hard to get money for school fees. Despites all the hardness and hurdles in our life, I never feel that I am poor because I always have foods to eat (my father is a very good hunter). The only problem is that, we don’t have cash for school fees.

To make the story short, after STPM my brother joined public servant as a custom officer.
With the small amount of salary, my eldest brother supported the entire family education, and builds house for the family with my eldest sister. My eldest sister married at the age of 30 and my brother is just getting married now. He is 40 years old!!!!!

My big sist & big bro is the hero and heroine of my life!

SO, I won’t complaint anything if I am AFFECTED A LOT for my brother’s wedding preparation.

One thing weird: My brother is getting married to a Chinese lady (freethinker). My brother is a Dusun (Christian). How is the wedding ceremony gonna be? Hahaha..
I can’t wait to see how.

Anyway, pray that everything will be ok.