Monday, 2 January 2012

How I Spent my New Year? (Outdated post)

Jan 2, 2012

I looked at the watch on my hand… past 9.00 pm.
“Where are we heading to?” Impatient *le Len Inouie whenever she is hungry asking the guy behind the wheel.
“I know you hate deciding. Name an area and I will figure out” he answered with a smile.
“TTDI” I said. We were close to the junction in front of One Utama.

Without a word, he made a u-turn.
“U-turn?” I asked.
“Yes. You said TTDI” he answered.
……. (fine. I think I know another way closer to the place) “I didn’t say a word.

As soon as we reach TTDI, he drove around to check if there is an open restaurant at this late hour.
Once in a while, he holds his phone and text? I don’t know.
Man… I am very careful when I drive because I got no one to take care of me here.. I don’t miss a single signal, and most importantly I won’t hold my phone while driving. That is too much for me. How dare you put me in danger?
NO!  I don’t have the gut to tell that. So, my stomach muscles tighten and my fingers started fidgeting. A sign of nervous.
“I think this will be good” he said while stopping and parking beside the restaurant.
“Table Talk”

I looked at the way he parked his car. He parked the car too close to the road divider. Oh seriously Len!? Why are being so particular? I am seriously tired and annoyed with your attitude Len. You should give more trust to him on driving. You should stop finding his mistakes. You should stop judging how he does things. We just dated and why are you thinking and behaving that way? That is so annoying. Hush!!

I am sorry… I did not mean to judge. Please Len! Stop doing that.
“I parked it close to the side so it is easier for you to get out” he explained without being questioned.
“Thank you… (Damn! Did you saw me observing the way you parked the car?)” I answered with a smile.
“I am sorry. I wrongly mentioned the location. I wanted to go to Sungai Penchala but I gave a wrong name… but… since we are here. We will be here” I explained due to guilty and just to clear my mind.
“ Let’s check out the menu” he said.

I tailed him from behind. I don’t want to appear like a queen. I don’t do that.
As I flipped the menus, my brain is suggesting “Go to another place. The foods are way more expensive that what I expected. You are not a gold digger bitch Len”
“Emm… I don’t know what to eat here. You want to try another place?” I was deliberately giving a statement that makes him decide.
‘No. We eat here.” He answered with a solid tone.
“Great!’ I nodded.

I like the place. The seat he chose and the way he decided firmly.
Deep inside me, I am nervous actually.
As the waiter place the menu in front of me I saw him taking a glance on him and me. Yeah~ I know that look. JUDGING LOOK!
I went of for date with this guy for couple of times and I already caught many eyes looking at us: judging!
It is simply because we have totally different color of skin.

..... (I will skip this part. I will write this part if there is a request for this part)

Few minutes later, he got a call and he picked up the call for a while. He is doing business... I can't interrupt that. That is what he do for living.
I am kinda lost... so I checked my facebook.
I saw his post : " Candle light dinner.. " and the comments below the posts was ' no wonder you did not pick up your phone for the whole day'.

LOL.. I got this online guy went offline.