Sunday, 22 August 2010

Now I love 21...but today is 22nd of Aug 2010.

22 Aug 2009: I attended on event. I was so called as Malam Graduan at one of the church in Kajang. I still remember that I was there (in the church) but my heart was away: I mean away outside... my mind was somewhere... I was physically there but not mentally. I was just ONE fresh grad: know nothing about world and how to survive.

22 Aug 2010: I am now sitting on a chair at a corner of OCBC office in Menara TM, waiting for my Vios to arrive. =) Sounds good: for sure feel good too... But one thing i will always remember is:
I thank God for everything: for the ups and downs.

One more thing: Nobody give me any gift on my graduation day (realising that I am not important to anybody). However, there was a stranger came to me and offer me a cup off coffee. Said: Congratulation!! With a bright smile. That person stayed besides me then~ up to now. He is now my lover and I am a lover of him too.

His name is xxxx xxxx xxxx and I am in love with him.
I do admit it!

Sept 29, 2012 : The name removed because the relationship did not work. T_T!